Jaw-Dropping: Megyn Kelly and Matt Lauer clashed behind the scenes


Since Megyn Kelly left Fox News to begin her role on NBC’s Today show in September 2017, she has been plagued by low ratings and awkward interviews. But her struggles at NBC don’t just occur on-screen.

Although they appeared to be friends on camera, a recent reportindicates that Megyn Kelly and her former Today show co-host Matt Lauer didn’t get along. 

Off-Screen Foes, On-Screen Friends

Before becoming a full-time host on NBC’s morning show franchiseKelly conducted several interviews for the network, including one with a conspiracy theorist named Alex Jones. But according to network insiders, Lauer disapproved. Closer magazine reported:

Matt thinks this interview gave a platform to an individual who peddles conspiracy theories about dead children. It’s a stunt that Megyn would have gotten away with when she was at Fox News, but this is NBC. Matt is incensed that she is tarnishing the network’s image.

This poor first impression seemed to set the tone for their relationship going forward. At one point, according to an insider, relations between the pair became so hostile that network executives pulled Lauer aside and told him, “it was time to get on board with Megyn’s show, or he could find another place to work.”

Undaunted by the admonition and believing himself to be irreplaceable, Lauer reportedly continued to mock Kelly’s on-camera troubles, though the duo managed to appear friendly to viewers of Today.

Lauer’s Dismissal

Closer reported that their sources at NBC had anticipated either Kelly or Lauer leaving the network soon enough, as executives didn’t like their ongoing feud. But network executives had the decision made for them when Lauer was terminated in November 2017 following numerous allegations of sexual assault.

Still, Kelly kept up the alleged facade following Lauer’s departure from NBC.

“This one does hit close to home,” Kelly said on her morning show after Lauer’s dismissal. “I, too, have known Matt for a long time, and he has been a friend and kind and supportive to me in my transition to NBC News. And I see the anguish on my colleague’s faces.”

Kelly has since offered her show as a platform for victims of Lauer.

“As hard as it is to report on one of our own colleagues, we remain committed to telling people’s stories if they choose to come forward and the women in this case, too, the Matt Lauer case, are invited and welcome to do exactly that on this show,” Kelly said. “We have been that place in all the other cases and we will be that place — as well as for the accused — here on this hour.”

Book Deal?

While neither Kelly nor Lauer has confirmed this feud, it seems Kelly wants to expose the truth about Lauer and “his dirty deeds.” According to one source, Kelly may even be planning to write a book about Lauer’s “secret life at NBC.”

“She wasn’t Matt’s colleague for very long, but long enough to gather enough information about him to fill a book, which is exactly what she’s planning to do,” an inside source told Life & Style.

“Matt was in your living room or at your breakfast table every morning,” the source said. “Exposing him in a book, getting to why and how he did it, talking to his victims and colleagues, will be huge.”