FBI officials mocked Chelsea Clinton Big Time


The thousands of text messages recovered between FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show that the couple were not just condescending and mean-spirited toward President Donald Trump. Sure, they hated the Republican outsider who upset their favored candidate Hillary Clinton, calling Trump an “idiot” and other unmentionable names.

However, these smug Beltway insiders also sneered at Bernie Sanders, the GOP, the FBI Cyber Division and even the “ignorant hillbillies” of Virginia. The latest batch of texts, released by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday, reveal that Strzok and Page did not hold back in their savage condemnation of former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, calling her “self entitled” and ridiculing her speech patterns.

Mission Impossible

Although Page and Strzok certainly adored Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and thought she “should win” the 2016 election “100,000,000 — 0,” they certainly didn’t want her daughter standing in the way of a Democratic victory.

After all, Strzok worked far too hard up until the Democratic National Convention to see Hillary Clinton elected president. Strzok, an FBI counterintelligence expert, personally watered down the language exonerating Clinton in former FBI director James Comey’s Congressional testimony, changing a description of her use of an illegally unsecured email server to “extremely careless” instead of the legally culpable “grossly negligent” term.

Strzok also reportedly withheld “inflammatory” evidence that was revealed during his official interview of the former secretary of State in the same case, an action that he felt would have consequences which would “inflame Congress” once he was exposed. If these allegations weren’t meteoric on their own, Page even intimated that Attorney General Loretta Lynch knew in advance that Hillary Clinton would be exonerated — an accusation which explains why FBI Director James Comey drafted a memo exonerating the Democratic presidential nominee months before even interviewing her.

Therefore, Strzok and Page cringed at the very thought of Chelsea Clinton, who is dogged by a reputation for being an unrelatable New York elitist, speaking on behalf of her mother at the July 2016 Democratic National Convention. Two days before the expected appearance, Strzok admitted in a text that he didn’t “like” Chelsea because he felt that she was “self entitled” and “feels she deserves something she hasn’t earned.”

However, he didn’t stop at denouncing the nepotism that put Chelsea Clinton on center stage. After the convention, he sent this derogatory text:

Chelsea was awful. Tried to do Bills up close sharing. Didn’t come across as genuine. Plus, she has a HORRIBLE billv goat speech tic.

Strzok was referring to Chelsea’s tendency to rapidly repeat certain syllables by unintentionally using a guttural intonation — similar to that of a bleating goat or sheep. Strzok’s text has already inspired a number of trending videos and tweets.

Like mother, like daughter

While all is fair in love and politics, the children of public figures have generally been given a certain amount of leeway. But Chelsea Clinton has thrust herself into many sensitive political debates, with all of the grace and dignity that can be expected from a “woke AF” liberal who uses her parents’ celebrity to condescendingly advertise an encyclopedia of social justice causes.

Chelsea is the same liberal “it” girl who once rejected nine-year-old “kid reporter” Sidney Rieckhoff’s attempt to interview her. “I’m sorry, I don’t talk to the press and that applies to you, unfortunately,” she told the disappointed fourth grader.

According to Chelsea, when she was Rieckhoff’s age she was already a veteran feminist and battle-tested social justice warrior. If you believe her account, at the age of three, Chelsea was reading the newspaper; she penned a letter to President Ronald Reagan at age five protesting his visit to a German cemetery where a few Nazis happened to be buried; and she left her Baptist church at the age of six because the clergy opposed abortion.

Strzok and Page may have been committed to helping Hillary Clinton become president, but apparently, that devotion didn’t include any regard for her like-minded daughter’s attempts to gain relevancy … or respect. Poor Chelsea.