Judge Napolitano Exposes Chilling Reason Memo’s Release Was Delayed — This is Infuriating!


Judge Andrew Napolitano composed a stunning op-ed for Fox News on February 1, a day that many were anticipating the imminent release of the much-anticipated FISA Memo.

The Memo, a product of the House Intelligence Committee, was released midday on February 2, a slight delay that comes after weeks of delays in the publication of a document that has shown the FBI and DOJ abused the FISA process by using fake evidence of justification that was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Napolitano writes in his article that the delay has produced detrimental harm to the civil liberties of Americans. The Judge says the Committee sat on the Memo for weeks, while Congress discussed and eventually passed an expansion of FISA Court powers.

“The FISA expansion would never have passed the Senate,” wrote Napolitano, “had the House Intelligence Committee memo and the data on which it is based come to light seven days sooner than it did. Why should 22 members of a House committee keep their 500-plus congressional colleagues in the dark about domestic spying abuses while those colleagues were debating the very subject matter of domestic spying and voting to expand the power of those who have abused it?”

Napolitano states that the answer involves the powers of blackmail that the Intelligence Community (and the Deep State) has over Congress.

“By the judicious, personalized and secret revelation of data, both good and bad — here is what we know about your enemies, and here is what we know about you — the NSA shows its might to the legislators who supposedly regulate it. In reality, the NSA regulates them.”

The vote to pass the FISA expansion was approved by a SINGLE vote. Napolitano cannot help but think how the revelations in the FISA Memo could have changed the results.

Another Deep State victory. How many more can our Republic endure?

What do you think? Did the House Intelligence Committee help the Deep State?

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