News Alert:Obama Let Them In The WH – This is Treason


It was just confirmed this morning that the two brother team Democrat IT aides from the terrorist sympathizing nation of Pakistan made deliberate and unauthorized access to House servers while actually fooling staff by pretending to be members of Congress.

Freedom Daily reported that the aides in question are Imran Awan, his Ukrainian-born wife Hina Alvi and brothers Jamal and Abid Awan. Despite all of the evidence against the Awans, former Democrat Party Chairwoman and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz has been defending them like it’s her job for the past year.

It’s also been confirmed that after a lengthy internal investigation, House Democrat leadership lied about their findings to members of Congress as they claimed the incident was “solely a matter of theft,” and not actual espionage. The Awans were employed by Schultz herself, and she paid them over $4 million during their time with her. Some of that money was paid to them even after they were accused of breaching House servers, which has led many to come to the conclusion that the extra money could have been hush money paid by the Democratic Party in order to hide something they didn’t want the public to get a hold of.

Democrat lawmakers have issued statements indicating that the Democratic staff of the House Administration Committee and other House officials may have withheld information about cybersecurity breaches from members who employed the Awans, and appear to have misled them about the basic nature of the investigation.

“This is the first I’ve heard about that,” said Missouri Democratic Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, who employed the Awans.

“The only thing I’m aware of is that he’s being charged with bank fraud,” said Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro, who employed Jamal and is a member of the intelligence committee. “Do you have evidence that there’s anything more than a bank investigation? If someone’s given you a document to that effect, please give it to me.”

In February of last year, Committee on House Administration Chairman Gregg Harper and Ranking Member Robert Brady issued the only official statement about what they called “the ongoing House theft investigation.”

House Officials became aware of suspicious activity and alleged theft committed by certain House IT support staff,” the statement read. “An internal investigation determined that a number of House policies and procedures had been violated. This information was turned over to the United States Capitol Police and their investigation is ongoing. These employees have also been blocked from accessing House systems. All offices impacted have been contacted. No further comment will be issued until the investigation is complete.”

However, the most notable find of the investigation concerned credible evidence of a cyber-breach, and at the time of the announcement, the most recent incident of theft consisted of the disappearance of a server that was evidence in a cybersecurity probe.

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