Look What Happened Immediately After Trump Entered Stadium For National Championship


The mainstream media is constantly trying to make it look like Donald Trump is the least popular president of all time. That’s why they aren’t reporting on what actually happened last night when Trump walked into Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium to watch the championship face-off between Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Right Wing News reported that when Trump confidently marched out onto the field with the Georgia ROTC flanking him, he was greeted with tens of thousands of cheers from the spectators in the stadium. Trump then stood for the national anthem as the camera panned to a military installation where the soldiers also stood at attention as the crowd roared in approval.




The moment was extremely powerful and showed how much the American people really love Trump. Of course, the leftwing media consequently decided not to cover this at all and instead focus on some protesters who gathered outside of the stadium as Trump’s motorcade drove in. Thought here were just a few dozen morons protesting compared to the tens of thousands cheering Trump inside, it was of course the liberal nitwits the media profiled.

Notice that CNN reported on that rather than the reaction inside:

Trump, however, was unfazed by the negative media coverage.

“There’s plenty of space for people to express their views and to protest, but we love our flag and we love our anthem and we want to keep it that way,” Trump said at the annual gathering for the American Farm Bureau hours before the game.