Just In: AG Jeff Sessions Orders Investigation Against Obama


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Justice Department to dig into allegations in a Politico report that a series of potential drug prosecutions related to the pro-Iranian militant group Hezbollah were abandoned as the Obama administration pressed to strike a deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

According to Conservative101, Sessions released a statement of an investigation he is starting:

“Operations designed to investigate and prosecute terrorist organizations that are also fueling that drug crisis must be paramount in this administration,” said Sessions.

“While I am hopeful that there were no barriers constructed by the last administration to allowing DEA agents to fully bring all appropriate cases under Project Cassandra, this is a significant issue for the protection of Americans. We will review these matters and give full support to investigations of violent drug trafficking organizations,” said Sessions.

U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), complimented Sessions for his investigation.”I’m encouraged that the Justice Department recognizes that this is important and I hope that they will swiftly provide answers. Terrorists don’t get a pass to exploit drug addiction here at home and use American dollars to fund their global violence,” he said in a statement.

H/T [www.conservative101.com, www.politico.com]

Decisions to review criminal investigations conducted and closed under prior administrations are unusual, but not unheard of. This marks the second instance in the past two months of Sessions ordering a review of Obama administration practices.

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