Poll: President Trump’s Approval Rating Climb to a New High Since September


President Trump has been having a hard time doing his duty to the people and to the country ever since he took office. He’s been facing great obstacles placed by the left and the mainstream media, but still managed to fight his way through. And as a reward for that hard effort, now he receives great news.

According to Conservative Institute:

According to a Morning Consult/Politico poll released on Wednesday, Trump’s approval rating is up to 45 percent, the highest mark he has received since September. It’s especially good news for a president who’s been hounded by unceasing media negativity throughout his first year in office.

“The Comeback Kid”

President Trump’s approval rating dropped to its lowest level of 39 percent one week after the violence in Charlottesville, Va. The president was perceived as mishandling the situation and was criticized for being slow to condemn the parties responsible for the killing of one of the female protesters.

This led some pundits to question if Trump could recover his momentum. However, since August, Trump has had a string of successes which likely explain the rise in approval.

Rise in Economic Growth

President Trump has presided over several quarters of 3 percent or more in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth as compared to his predecessor, Barack Obama. Obama’s highest quarter was in 2015 where the GDP reached 2.5 percent, and averaged a paltry 1.5 percent overall during his tenure.

The president is also within striking distance of passing “tax reform” before the end of the year. The proposed tax reforms, which include lowering the corporate tax rate from 39% to 20%, repealing the AMT, and repealing the estate tax, among other changes, are intended to unleash even more economic growth.

The House and the Senate, who each have a different version of the tax bill, approved a motion to go to conference on Monday, in an attempt to agree on a final bill to send to the president’s desk. The Senate version, as it currently stands, would repeal the deeply unpopular ObamaCare individual mandate requirement.

Foreign Policy Wins

President Trump’s first trip to Asia as president was seen as a success by his supporters and even, grudgingly, by some of his critics.

The president surprised many with his ability to woo Chinese President Xi Jinping. President Trump was treated like royalty during his visit and even had lunch in China’s Forbidden City.

Trump also persuaded China to release three American basketball players arrested in China for shoplifting.

In one of his latest moves, the president declared that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and would begin the process of moving our embassy to Jerusalem during the next few years. The statement has sparked outrage from the United Nations and other opposing world powers, but has drawn acclaim from Israel and supporters in the U.S.

President Trump isn’t afraid of making bold and sometimes controversial statements, which can hurt approval ratings in the short term. But he has also racked up some significant achievements in the last few months.

The president seems to be at his best when he is underestimated and revels in proving his opponents wrong. If the past few months are any indication, Trump is just getting warmed up.

This is wonderful news for the President and his administration. The mainstream media cannot cover this up no matter how hard they tried.

(Source: www.conservativeinstitut.org)