Chuck Grassley Just Dropped BOMB on the FBI


Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) blasted the FBI and Senate Democrats on Wednesday for their unwillingness to fairly investigate Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, stating that the Democrats on the committee he oversees “only want to talk about [President] Trump.”

Politics Focus has more on this matter:

The resonating clanging of empty barrels beating themselves over delusions of Trump collusions and obstruction of justice regarding the ‘nothingburger’ Russian meddling charge clashes sharply with the quiet resolve of Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley.

On the floor of the Senate on December 6, Grassley took over thirty minutes to slam the lack of bipartisan cooperation in investigating the FBI and DOJ’s lack of inquiries into the trifecta of Hillary scandals: her criminal email scandal, the self-enriching Uranium One deal and Hillary’s funding of the Russian Dossier used to smear President Trump.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Grassley rightfully contends that both the FBI and DOJ are riddled with politically biased officials promoting outright lawlessness.

The Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee have both subpoenaed the Bureau and the DOJ for information relating to examples of political bias influencing or leading investigations and have been rebuffed. Such non-cooperation has led Rep. Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee to draw up a motion proclaiming that the FBI was in contempt of Congress.

Grassley’s monologue, writes Zero Hedge, quickly summarized what was troubling him.

“There are two major controversies plaguing the credibility of the Justice Department and the FBI right now. On the one hand the Trump Russia investigation, and then on the other hand the handling of the Clinton investigation. Any congressional oversight related to either one of these topics is not credible without also examining the other. Both cases were active during last year’s campaign. Both cases have been linked to the firing of the FBI Director.”

Another roadblock to any credible investigation is the blind loyalty of partisan Democrats.

With Senator Dianne Feinstein sitting next to him, Grassley laid into her for changing her mind on wanting an investigation into whether a bias existed in the Justice Department.

These questions go to the heart of the integrity of our federal law enforcement and justice system.

“[T]he ranking member [Feinstein] has told me plainly she won’t join any investigation of the oversight of the Clinton e-mail investigations…   …Even on Trump-Russia oversight where we have been able to cooperate a great deal, there have been similar problems.”

Using actions by Hillary that are clearly obstruction of justice (wiping out emails and refusing to let the Bureau look at her server to name just a few), Grassley pointed out the hypocrisy of the Left.

“So far,” Grassley noted, “I have seen no credible evidence that President Trump has told anyone to lie. I have also seen no credible evidence that he or his aides have destroyed records being sought by investigators.”

In regards to the handling of the fake Russian Dossier smear, Grassley explained:

“[A]ll year I have wanted to learn more about the origins of the dossier that largely kick started the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign. In July, the ranking member [Feinstein] joined me in a bipartisan letter seeking voluntary cooperation from the firm that produced the dossier. The dossier was based largely on Russian sources within Russia and was put together by a former British spy. It made salacious and unverified claims about trump. The company responsible for producing it, Fusion GPS, was uncooperative.

“In response to our bipartisan request, it dumped on the committee about 32,000 pages of press clippings and 8,000 pages that were entirely blank. Since then, it has provided zero additional documents. The founder of Fusion GPS Initially indicated he would rely on his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination rather than testify at the committee hearing in July. He later agreed to a private staff interview but refused to answer dozens of key questions. I would like to compel him to answer questions and compel him to provide the documents that senator Feinstein and I both asked him in July to provide voluntarily, but under our committee rules, I don’t have the authority to do that on my own.”

Grassley is a warrior for the truth and he needs the support of the American people in 2018 and 2020 to make sure the Democrats do not get back in power and shut the exposure of the Deep State!


While Grassley’s speech focused on Democrat efforts to hamstring Senate investigations, Feinstein told CNN on Monday that Grassley had similarly refused to sign her letters requesting more information on actions taken by the Trump campaign, saying “We want him to sign on. I think there’s an effort … not to go deeply,” adding “I hadn’t realized it before. But I realize it now. And we’re going to have to find a way to deal with it.”

Grassley shot back yesterday, stating “[Democrats] complain publicly and they complain privately that I’m not doing enough to investigate obstruction. But obstruction of justice is a legal term of art. It is a conclusion not evidence. …I do not make my conclusions first and try to shoehorn the facts to fit my conclusions.

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