Boom: Republican Scores Victory In Major Swing State


Republican John Curtis has scored a major victory against rivals Kathie Allen and Jim Bennett in the special election for Utah’s 3rd District, reports CNN.

Curtis will replace GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who parted ways with the House of Representatives to work as a commentator on Fox News.

“I pledge to serve the underrepresented,” Curtis said during his victory speech. “That means spending more time in rural Utah. It means if you’re not white, Mormon and male, I am still here for you.”

Utah’s 3rd district incorporates the cities of Orem and Provo, where Curtis is mayor.

Curtis’s two challengers for the 3rd District’s general election were Democrat Kathie Allen, and the United Utah Party’s Jim Bennett, son of GOP Sen. Bob Bennett, of Utah.
Throughout the campaign, Curtis received national and key state endorsements from people like current Utah Governor Gary Herbert, former Utah Governor Mitt Romney, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, and from his now-predecessor Jason Chaffetz.
Curtis celebrated the victory at around 9 p.m. before dozens of admirers in Provo after both Bennett and Allen called him to concede.

“Sue, do you want to go to Washington?” Curtis told his wife, before saying, “We did it, we did it.”

Curtis also underscored his dedication to working for all people in his district that has a population of over 700,000 people.

“Those who know me best know that it doesn’t matter if you’re nine or 90, rich or poor, gay or straight, Mormon or atheist, Navajo or Caucasian,” Curtis said. “I work for you and you’re my boss.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-WI, congratulated Curtis on Twitter, saying he will be a “valuable addition” to the House GOP conference.

“With Congressman-elect Curtis as a member of our team, we will keep up our push to enact more bold reforms that reduce the size of government, grow the economy, and help middle-class Americans get ahead,” said the Speaker in a statement.