Huge Fight Breaks Out Between NFL Players, Tensions Are Running Extremely High


The NFL has no idea what to do at this point. With all of the money they are losing, it is no surprise that they are struggling heavily with everything that they do. Advertisers are threatening to leave left and right and it is all based on the fact that these players continue to kneel during the national anthem. This is a time that is supposed to be sacred for everyone involved. And these players are disrespecting it in the worst way. People are not going to live with this anymore.

But as it turns out the NFL might be seeing some more consequences very soon. These players, the same ones that say they are kneeling for social justice issues, cannot even be trusted to behave on the field. That is exactly what happen between two players today. In a game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals, Jaguars wide receiver A.J. Green lost his mind and started attacking a defender.

He took corner back Jalen Ramsey to the ground and started throwing punches. In quickly turned into an all out brawl between the two teams. And yet, these people want us to think that they are kneeling for peace and acceptance? It seems a bit like they have a few problems in their logic.

Take a look:

He went on to talk about what happened. “I will accept anything that comes my way,” Green said.

But it also did not seem like he was very sorry for what he did or if he had any remorse.

“I’m not going to back down from anyone. I have a son, I’m not going to teach him to back down,” Green said, according to reports.

Both players were ejected for their part in the fight. Many people are saying that Ramsey should not have been ejected for his part, since all he did was push Green a little bit. But the refs made the decision that this is what would be best for the rest of the game. That was most likely the smart choice.

What do you think about this fight during a game?