VIDEO: Trump Supporters Break Antifa Protests


More than a hundred anti-Trump Antifa protesters gathered in Portland, Oregon, and started rallying the streets of downtown this Saturday afternoon. The rally was initially organized by Refuse Facism PDX, and it started around 2 p.m. at Jamison Square, where the demonstrators gave speeches criticizing the commander-in-chief President Donald Trump and his policies.

Demonstrators marched the streets to Tom McCall Rivenfront Park and chanted, “No KKK, no fascist USA, no Trump!” This was nothing but an ignorant attempt to trash the President, and convince people that he is the bad guy. Bad guys chant in the street, and encourage violence. That’s what Antifa did.

Portland Police officers say the march route was permitted, but the group somehow managed to deviate from the route. These protests are part of the movement calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Anti-Trump movements plan demonstrations in over 20 cities.

But, there were many Trup supportes who arrived at the scene, and led a magnificent march. They showed their support for our President and the Vice President.

As you can see, two women led the march, and there was a large group following them. They had banners and stuff, changing pro-Trump slogans.

Trump supporters out-yelled Antifa activists, and their “USA” chants literally shut down Antifa.

H/t Politicus Daily

But here’s the interesting part – the Trump supporters decided to weigh in on the matter far more seriously and even out-yelled the Antifa thugs, chanting “USA” and cancelling out all of their efforts to cause distress.