Law Enforcement Moves On McCain For Involvement In Russia Dossier


Looks like John McCain is going to be the first one to suffer for being a part of Hillary’s clan during the presidential race, as well for the corrupted connections with Russia.

As we all know, McCain was one of the CEOs of the plot against President Donald Trump, although he is refusing any of his involvements. Lawyers are now breathing on his neck and look like there is no way for him to deny his work with Fusion GPS.

As stated by the reports of FastConservative, John McCain is not untouchable and he is sure not above the law. He now has to answer many questions that are going to unlock the next stage in the investigation.

According to the Daily Caller, McCain heard about the bad news this weak when a lawyer for the Russian tech executive that’s suing BuzzFeed unveiled that a co-worker of the Arizona senator and two other news companies are resisting to show in court after a writ order was sent to them. The lawyer stated that David Kramer, an associate of McCain refused to show in court for weeks. The other two medias are The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Executive Aleksej Gubarev’s lawyer is in search of information for the infamous dossier and who gave it to BuzzFeed that published it to their website on Jan. 10. In that dossier, written by the former British spy Christopher Steele is stated that Gubarev and his companies used viruses, porn bots and span to hack into DNC system. These statements were strongly denied by Gubarev.

According to the attorneys, if BuzzFeed’s source is identified, and it’s made clear whether BuzzFeed knew that the statements in the dossier are false and publishing them knowing that they are fake would show, “reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of the information published.”

The lawyer of Gubarev also issued subpoenas to The New Yorker, Mother Jones Magazine, CNN and Yahoo News. A subpoena was also issued to the Republican consultant and columnist William F.B. O’Reilly, who shortly after the publishing of the dossier decided to wrote about BuzzFeed’s decision.