LA Times Columnist calls Sarah Sanders ‘Chunky Soccer Mom’


This Wednesday, an article piece was published, written by David Horsey, which took it a step further than every other anti-Trump leftist when it came to insults, and went as far as to criticize White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in an unsuitable way. But instead of going after Sanders’ stance when it came to the president, Horsey attacked Sanders for her appearance by calling her a “slightly chunky soccer mom.” 

To be more specific, Horsey wrote “Trump’s daughter Ivanka and wife Melania are the apotheosis of this type,” before further writing, “By comparison, Sanders looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games.”

Unfortunately for him, instead of receiving the laughter and cheers from anti-Trump leftists who constantly throw their mean comments at President Trump, his family and his administration, he was only met with a large portion of backlash from the president’s supporters:

But he seemed to immediately realize the mistake he had made after the Social Media users stormed his article piece, and has since issued an apology at the top of the article, writing:

“I want to apologize to Times readers — and to Sarah Huckabee Sanders — for a description that was insensitive and failed to meet the standards of our newspaper. It also failed to meet the expectations I have for myself.”

He explained how despite this surely not being his last mistake, he would avoid doing the same mistake in his future commentaries. He also concluded, “I’ve removed the offending description.”