The ‘Antifa Super Soldiers’ Have Arrived


Antifa is something we should take very seriously people. It’s very real and it’s present in our everyday lives. And what makes me happy actually is the thing that Americans recognized how serious the situation with this group really is and demanded that authorities recognize Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. Yes, that’s what Antifa really is. The situation got worse with their involvement in Charlottesville protests. Things got worse when Antifa soldiers promised to bring order in the country.

On November 4th, an activist group called Refuse Fascism says it will hold rallies in 20 cities, aiming to remove Donald Trump and Mike Pence from office through persistent mass protest. Refuse Fascism compares its project to last year’s South Korean protests against President Park Geun-hye, which ended with Park’s impeachment in March. It’s aiming to start with “at least several thousand people” in the rallies, and continue with semi-permanent encampments.

Several groups on the internet suggest that the unified anti-white terrorist group Antifa is also planning to launch a violent civil war.

Many believe that the group is supported by billionaire George Soros and the shadow forces that thrive within the US government.

Everything points to the fact that they are quietly working to organize a mass electrical blackout to coincide with the major uprising. This theory has been growing online, and things started happening in August.

But, everything got worse this week, and for some people this is the worst internet conspiracy theory Americans have ever seen. It’s also one of the most dangerous incidents, and people are afraid.

H/t Politicus Daily

We won’t know until tomorrow how big the Refuse Fascism rallies — or any counter-protests — will be. The largest event listed on the group’s Facebook page, the New York rally, has slightly over a thousand protesters; most have far fewer.

It can also be extremely difficult to distinguish between genuine supporters or critics, apolitical trolls, and politically motivated disinformation agents; there’s evidence of Russian-linked Facebook users organizing fake online controversies and even fake rallies.