John Kelly Comes Out With Statement That Sends Chills Down Hillary’s Spine!


This Russia collusion investigation from special council Robert Mueller and his team is officially starting to get ridiculous. For many, that started happening a very long time ago. But the fact remains: after the first charges came in, it actually proved that he has nothing. And yet, the liberals are losing it over the first indictment of Paul Manafort, his associate Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos. These are all proof that this has nothing to do with Trump or his administration. This is getting out of hand.

And for some reason, everyone has stopped talking about Hillary Clinton and her involvement in this entire Russia investigation. Stories started breaking not very long ago that her and her campaign were the ones responsible for funding the infamous Trump dossier. But now that these charges have come out, everyone is ignoring these allegations.

Clinton thinks she is untouchable with her smirk on the face. That is why John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, had to come out and help her get that smile off her face.

During an interview on Fox News “The Ingraham Angle” Kelly finally called for a special council into Hillary’s many crimes. He said that the American people had the “right to know what the U.S. government is doing on any given day.”

“One of the strengths I have in looking at issues in my job, I think probably as a layman looking at this kind of thing, we need to find someone who’s very, very objective, who can get to the bottom of these accusations. I think it’s important. Again, the American people have an absolute right to know these things,” Kelly went on.

Conservatives have been waiting for a full scale investigation into Clinton and her wrongdoing for a long time. And yet, it still hasn’t come. That FBI investigation into her emails was a joke and she was innocent from the start.

John Kelly is a man with amazing credentials and there is a reason he is staying stuff like this. Clinton is one of the most fraudulent people in the country. Do you agree?