Tom Brady Just Flipped Off Every Anthem Kneeling Thug in the NFL


The kneeling in the NFL games became the symbol of the anti-American movement of the celebrities, the professional sprots athletes, the fake news media celebrities etc.

This movement started by the failed player Colin Kaepernick is now even popular overseas. Oh yes, the globalists quickly spread their anti-American propaganda all around the world to gain support from the leftists all around the world because American fans confronted the rogue players.

The liberal elites probably expected fans to join the protest and disrespect their own country, but they got hit with a boycott of the league instead and enthusiastic display of public revolt from the fans.

However, some of the players try to calm the fans and contribute to show that they really respect the country, the tradition and the honor of the American people, USANF reports. Read more below:

NFL Quarterback Tom Brady made headlines recently when he made a move which earned him the respect and cheer among conservative supporters. To be more specific, Brady took a moment during his team’s warm-up session, and went to give high-fives and greet over 200 military members which attended the Patriots’ game.

This is a good relief for all true fans and, of course, the hard core fans of the New England Patriots team who said that they are not going to tolerate disrespecting of the national symbols of their country.

On the other hand, many others still want to continue the shameless protests who have no function on the playing fields. If they really want a change, they have other ways to demand changes in the American society, not in the football stadiums where fans pay to be satisfied with good games and positive spirit, not to be insulted by players who make millions a year and still claim they’re being oppressed.