Jimmy Fallon Interviews Melania Trump’s “Body Double”


The liberal world of Hollywood is on the constant lookout for information and opportunities they can take to make fun and take pokes at President Donald Trump, his family and his administration, and the late night show hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and others, are no exception to this.

But while most of their insulting commentary and remarks are brushed off by the nation’s leaders as well as their supporters as lame old jokes, there are boundaries which mustn’t be crossed at all costs, and those boundaries include attacking and making fun of First Lady Melania Trump.

The entire thing escalated just this week, when in an attempt to undermine the FLOTUS and respond to rumors of Melania having a body double, late night host Jimmy Fallon invited his own ‘version’ of “the real Melania” on his program.

After several minutes of ranting and discussing “theories” which the host said were plaguing the White House, Fallon went on to speak with “Melania” from Washington, who he was ready to ask several questions revolving around her life in the presidential residence. The entire video was a sketch seemingly inspired by the ones produced by SNL, only this time, Colbert met with tons of backlash from fans on Social Media.

The entire video can be seen below:

This is not the first time that Hollywood late show hosts have launched themselves at the first family taking pokes, with many of them going as low as to attack 11-year-old Barron.