All 50 U.S. States Just Stood Up United Against Obama’s Final Power Grab…This Is Huge!


After being the President for eight years, Barack Obama though that he could use his power to control the elections in order to make sure his preferred candidate won. But, he did not expect all 50 Secretaries of State to unite and show opposition.

Experts suggested that recent actions might have allowed the federal government to take over the election processes of all 50 states, ultimately leading to the ‘deep state’ swaying the outcome of national elections.

What people found the most unbelievable was that Obama directed his Secretary of Homeland Security to call a state election systems “critical infrastructure.” However, all 50 state secretaries advised the the Trump administration to overturn this decision.

This needs to be taken seriously. This was the right time the federal government tried to meddle into into state-run elections, but it might also happen in the future.

Just before the 2016 presidential election winner was revealed, former Secretary of Homeland Security Johnson tried to turn the attention to the rumors about Russian hacking during the presidential campaign. But, all efforts were quickly shot down the rumors, saying that the election machines and the infrastructure are immune to cyber-security attacks.

DHS Secretary John Kelly spoke about Johnson’s statement, explaining:

“The notion that DHS can or should exercise some degree of influence over state voting systems is highly controversial and appears to be a political question beyond the scope of DHS’ current legislative cyber mandates.”