Breaking: VFW cancels NFL subscription


Ever since NFL players started protesting against the flag and national anthem, thinks have been going downhill for the whole league. As a result, their ratings and views have dropped tremendously.

We recently found out that the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Florida decided to cancel their NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. The first to report about this were Fox News.

According to reports, the commander of VFW Post 10097 in Fort Myers said that he will not tolerate this kind of behavior from players. Even if it means losing some money, he will not watch games played by people who don’t stand during The Star-Spangled Banner ahead of NFL games, reports RedStateWatcher.

Ralph Blydenburgh said:

“We’re losing money because we did cancel the package.”


Blydenburgh went on to explain that he thinks everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not at the “expense” of others.