After Saints players protest, Louisiana Rep. Kenny Havard says team’s access to state dollars should be cut


New Orleans Saints was one of the first NFL teams which decided to wage protests during the course of this weekend, and instead of standing to show support to the troops fighting for our safety, and honor our flag and country during the playing of the National Anthem, they decided to sit. But this time, Louisiana lawmaker decided to turn the tables on them, putting the entitled football players in their place by taking from them the one thing they consider the most precious.

Louisiana State Rep. Kenny Havard, announced that he aims to cut millions of state tax dollars, exemptions as well as credits allocated to the Saints, the NFL and all other groups and associated facilities which receive the funds, releasing a statement in which Havard said, “The very reason (the Saints) have the privilege and opportunity to play professional football while being paid millions is because someone in uniform died protecting their right to do so,” adding how, “It is a disgrace to the men and women of this nation and state who have sacrificed so much.”

Havard has found a way to silence the entitled players, exposing them for what they truly are – the least deserving people of the millions of tax dollars being thrown at them each year, when all that money can instead be used towards programs for veterans and people who risk their lives so these ‘athletes’ could sit instead of honoring the country that has risked and given them so much. Well if they don’t want to respect that flag and anthem, they shouldn’t be paid by that nation as well.