Democratic State Representative Dawnna Dukes Arrested After Massive Taxpayer Fraud Exposed!!


Democratic Representative of Texas failed to hand over her cell phone to investigators and also spent over $51,000 on an online psychic, according to reports. It sounds like a perfectly good waste of your funds.

It turned out that the cell phone she handed over did not match the number they were searching for, which by itself is a violation.

Moreover, it was reported that she failed to respond to over half of the legislative roll calls this season. This is considered a misdemeanor felony and the accused could receive a maximum of one-year incarceration and as much as a $4,000 fine.

Considering that Dukes is a Democrat, she will most likely be serving a minimum jail sentence. This just proves yet again that when it comes to violating the law, Democrats are unrivaled.

Moreover, Dukes is accused of 13 counts of interfering with a federal record, a crime for which the maximum punishment could reach up to two years behind bars and a penalty of as much as $10,000.

These charges are based on accusations that Dukes wrote untrue entries on travel vouchers to receive money for costs she shouldn’t have done in the first place. Travis County prosecutors, however, halted their case at the start of this month after a witness’ story altered the formal documentation that Dukes is suspected of having forged.

Several months ago, in June, Dukes pleaded not guilty to interfering with a federal record and abuse of official capacity by a public servant. A trial has been scheduled for October 16.

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