Hannity Just Called Them Out!!


As most of us are aware by know, the liberal world of Hollywood has used every public gathering and the opportunity it brought with it, to bash President Donald Trump, and rant against his family and administration, to the point where they crossed all boundaries and even went in for personal insults, but they all seemed to end up with mouths shut after Fox News host Sean Hannity rubbed the harsh truth in their faces on live TV.

The most recent example of such behavior took place just recently at the Emmy Awards show, when the overpaid liberal snowflakes gathered to mock the president, with the leading role of the whole thing being one and only, long time Trump hater and vocal critic, host Stephen Colbert.

During his air-time, instead of sitting around and wobbling about pointless things like liberal talk shows, Fox News host Sean Hannity immediately took it upon himself to call out these Hollywood celebrities, saying that the hate, ranting and insults they are expressing are unlike anything the people have ever seen before.

Many also consider the repetitive Trump-bashing on these major awards shows to be the main reason why the shows’ viewership ratings turn out to be massive failures.

All in all, now that Hannity has publicly called the snowflakes out, maybe next time they’ll think twice before using every platform they can to rant against their president, making it seem as if they are victims when they are being paid millions to entertain people.