John McCain Threw GOP Lawmaker Under The Bus For The Comey Hearing…


Trump-hating Senator John McCain spoke against Senator Lindsey Graham regarding the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey.

The Arizona Republican tried to excuse his attitude at the testimony, but Americans won’t buy any of it. John McCain said that he stayed up late the night before. He was watching the Arizona Diamonbacks. If you go back in time, this happened right before McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer.

But, nobody thought that John McCain would accuse GOP lawmaker Lindsey Graham for his lousy interrogation. The Arizona senator explained that Graham actually broke his concentration. Let’s set things straight. Was McCain really concerned about Graham’s demand? The GOPer asked an official to message McCain sending him a question for Comey.

“I had these questions laid out that I had discussed and, honest to God, two minutes before it was my turn, [the aide] hands me this app from Lindsey,” John McCain said.

Chairperson Richard Burr asked him to proceed with his questions, but Senator McCain decided to ask the question Graham sent him. He was struggling to remember it. “I can’t tell you how important our relationship is, and I knew that this must be important. So I started out trying to remember what was on the app, and, anyway, to make a long story short, I fucked it up,” John McCain explained.

Lindsey Graham doesn’t remember the question he sent to McCain. But, he knows that it had something to do with Comey’s decision to free Hillary of any guilt.

Hillary Clinton was saved in so many occasions, and we can no longer tolerate this. Instead of trying to put Hillary behind bars, John McCain created a mess.

You’d all agree that this is the lousiest excuse John McCain has ever used. It’s more than clear that he will keep supporting his Democrat friends. He won’t do anything to support President Trump, that’s a sure bet.

What do you think about John McCain and his excuse regarding Comey’s hearing? Will the former FBI director reveal more details about Hillary’s case? How will the whole thing develop in near future?