President Trump Retweets Fan GIF of Him Hitting Golf Ball at Hillary Clinton


There comes a time where everyone needs a momentary break from politics and all the obligations they bring with them, and no one is more familiar with having a good laugh at a mockery post than Social Media users. This morning, President Donald Trump started his day actively on Twitter, at one point even retweeting a fan GIF of him and Hillary Clinton, which seems to have show the ‘golf skills’ of the commander-in-chief, edited in a humorous manner.

From what can be seen on the GIF above, the footage of Trump golfing with the footage of Hillary tripping while boarding a plane have been put together in a funny montage.

But that wasn’t the end of the mockery Twitter posts which immediately sparked up outrage among liberals and anti-Trump haters on Social Media:

More and more people are waking up to the liberal schemes and lies of turning the people against President Trump, and soon, the liberal agenda will be exposed, putting every corrupt politician behind bars, followed by mockery posts such as the ones above.

On the other hand, an interesting article was posted on the official Twitter account of Bloomberg Markets, which goes on to discusses President Trump’s worth to Twitter, and according to the estimates, the commander-in-chief’s presence on the Social Media website is worth an incredible $2 billion.