[Watch]Black Lives Matter Protesters Start Riot At Kid Rock Concert ; Huge Mistake


Liberals are furious over the fact that singer Kid Rock has expressed interest in running for senator of Michigan. During his concert in Detroit this week, Kid Rock was even introduced as the next senator of Michigan.

Unfortunately, the Black Lives Matter-affiliated group National Action Network turned up at the concert to start a riot to protest against Kid Rock. However, things didn’t go so well for them.

Freedom Daily reported that the National Action Network, which was founded by Reverend Al Sharpton, cited Kid Rock’s embrace of the Confederate flag, expletive-laced criticism of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and unabashed support for Trump as reasons why he is “racist” and has no place in Detroit.

The race-baiting protest backfired when a large gang of bikers showed up to defend Kid Rock.

Kid Rock also fired back at National Action Network in a lengthy Facebook post.

“Pay NO attention to the garbage the extreme left is trying to create!” he wrote. “They are trying to use the old confederate flag (issue), etc. to stir the pot, when we all know none of this would be going on if I were not thinking of running for office.”

Nice try, race-baiters, but Kid Rock is here to stay!