This Just In: GOP Congressman And Wife Injured In Horrific Car Accident


The Washington Examiner is reporting that a GOP Congressman and his wife have been injured after they had been in Georgia helping people with the devastation of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma has already claimed at least 12 American lives and many more in the Caribbean.

Loudermilk and his wife Desiree had a car accident Tuesday on their way back to Washington, D.C. They had been in their home state of Georgia helping out with the response to hurricane Irma.

The accident caused the Loudermilks’ vehicle to flip twice when they were rear-ended near Knoxville, Tennessee on the Interstate. Both reportedly have “non-life threatening injuries.”

According to Loudermilk’s office both the congressman and his wife suffered unspecified injuries and have now been released.

“They were traveling East on I-40 when their vehicle was struck from behind by a second vehicle, causing their vehicle to leave the road and flip multiple times, coming to rest on the passenger side,” the statement says. “Both the Congressman and Mrs. Loudermilk were transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries where they were treated and released.”

Despite being released, the Loudermilks have been advised to go back to Georgia and receive follow up care.

“The Loudermilk’s immediately acknowledged God’s hand in protecting them from serious injury, and they would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as they recover,” read the statement from Loudermilk’s office.

Please pray for Congressman Loudermilk and his wife.