Benghazi Hero Just Responded To Hillary’s 9/11 Tweet and It’s Viral


Hillary Clinton can pack her bags and leave the USA. That’s what’s best for her after she got hit by another giant wave of humiliation because she dared to even write a simple post on Twitter as a memoir of the 9/11 victims. This woman is so unpopular and everybody already knows what was/is she capable of, so Americans enjoy obliterating her using every single chance they can get.

Her first humiliation today was when she felt the sore taste of her unpopularity after Amazon and Walmart cut the price of her newly released book for 40% and some other exclusive publishers even pulled the book from their stores!

Now the big boom! Benghazi army ranger rubbed Hillary’s nose in her dirty and nasty past. Look what he just published on his twitter account.

Today, 09.12.2017 we remember my two teammates who you watched die on rooftops after 8.5 hrs&4 prior firefights. The fact is you did nothing to help.

Well, well, well… What are you going to do now, Hillary? Let’s get real, Hillary should be the happiest woman in the entire world because she’s getting all of these tweets only. She has to thank God every single day that JUDGES don’t tell her the same things on a trial.

And yet, this woman ran for President in 2016. She was, obviously, drunk on power and underestimated the “redundant” citizens. In her emails you can clearly see how she treats her voters. She sees them as a brainwashed mass of extremely stupid people and she also underestimates the intelligence of all Americans.

This is how she’s going to spend her life now. She’s going to be mocked all the time for her crimes and she will live in a constant fear that sooner or later she may end up in jail. What do you think about this ranger? What’s your response?