Browns now respect the anthem, the flag, and those who served under it


During the past few years, the NFL has faced tons of backlash and bad press for the growing protest of the national anthem by its players.

It all started when a failed quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to protest the national anthem while playing for San Francisco 49ers, and knelt during many performances of national anthems to protest police brutality.

As a brutal lesson to anyone who disrespects out national anthem and our police, Kaepernick is no longer working in the NFL. Unfortunately, his protest lives on. Dozens of players knelt this season for the national anthem in protest of various protests.

Almost one month ago, one of the largest protests was done by players of the Cleveland Browns.

Before Monday’s preseason game against the New York Giants, 11 Cleveland Browns players decided to kneel during the national anthem.

The players that protested were: Chris Kirksey, Seth DeValve, Duke Johnson Jr., Ricardo Louis, Isaiah Crowell, Terrance Magee, Jamar Taylor, Jamie Collins, Gabriel Peppers, Calvin Pryor, and Kenny Britt.

Also, in their support, a few players stood nearby them bending their knees seemingly in solidarity.

However, after they learned the protest will destroy their career, a week later, every single player and coach stood in respect. The commentators at the game give credit to NFL legend Jim Brown.

Jim Brown, Hall of Fame running back, told to every one of them: “Do not disrespect the flag, do not disrespect your country.”

Here’s the rest:

Now, the Browns organization has gone a step further in respecting the anthem, flag, and those who serve under it. Before today’s game, the Browns stunned everyone when they took the field flanked by police, U.S. military personnel first responders, and security services.

Isn’t this amazing? Colin Kaepernick is probably livid right now!