Democratic Senator Faces Charges Of Corruption


The first US Senator who is facing charges of corruption is a member from the Democratic party and that only assures the fact that their party is full with corruption and crimes. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is the one who first break the ice because a situation like this hasn’t happened in the last several decades. What is more interesting is that the while Bob Menendez was doing his job of corruption, mainstream media didn’t say anything about this.

According to research by the Media Research Center, The Big Three broadcast networks decided not to pay any attention of Menendez trial. CBS only mentioned the briefly, but didn’t follow up on CBS Evening News. ABC and NBC anchors didn’t say anything.

Menendez is facing trial due to allegations of bribery charged. He is accused of accepting many campaign donations, gift and vacations from a Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen., who then receive political gain in return. Furthermore, Melgen also allowed Menendez to take his private jet.

Democrats received the Menendes’ trial as a direct punch in the face, because they lost a vote and he will not be able to vote during the trial. US District Court Judge William H. Walls turned down Menendez’s request to vote.

“The Court will not serve as concierge to any party or lawyer. Defendant Menendez claims that he is in a ‘unique situation’ because his voting duties are ‘on a schedule not of his own making.’ But so are the duties of the radio repairman, the cab driver, and the businessman. Yet none would claim the right to dictate the schedule of their own criminal trial,” Judge Walls explained.

American people didn’t had a chance to publicly follow this story, that once again confirmes all of the corruptions of Democratic party. And on the question why the MSM ignored to cover Menendez’s trial the answer is simple. Because he is a Democrat.

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