Dems scared by Drop in Colorado Voter Registration Amid Trump Investigation Into Voter Fraud




According to a recent report, Dems seem pretty frightened by a sudden decrease in voter registrations in the key swing state of Colorado, with DNC Chairman Tom Perez claiming that it has something to do with President Trump’s recent investigation into electoral fraud in the last year’s elections and also his promise to fight back against it.

As Denver Post reports it, around 3,400 Colorado voters called off their registrations after the Trump administration voter info from the states. According to the Post, the number is hardly enormous, representing only 0.09 percent of the state’s 3.7 million voters.

Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has requested states to deliver the data of their voter rolls, which reportedly contained felony convictions, military status, and voter history. This action has witnessed some reaction from liberal states such as California, New York, Virginia, and Connecticut, and also from some red states like Oklahoma and Kentucky.

Authorities told the Post that while one reason given by the cancel of the registrations was a lack of trust in President Trump’s commission, another was that they didn’t realize how much of their information was public under state law.

Nevertheless, even though that would suggest coincide with reporting about the commission rather than being directly caused by the commission, it hasn’t stopped the Dems from panicking.

McClatchy notes that the DNC and the Colorado Democratic Party went on persuading Democrats to stay on the voter rolls.

“If you unregister, you are giving a victory to proponents of voter suppression,” Perez said in an interview with the outlet Friday, adding that they see this as the party’s new rally crying.

“That’s our message,” Perez said. “And we’re out there delivering that message in every way possible.”

It’s pretty common for Democrats to jump on any effort to crack down on possible illegal voting, or to clean up the voter rolls, and cry “voter suppression” even when such cries are baseless. Former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton blamed voter suppression in May last year, especially in Wisconsin, as part of the list of reasons she lost the election.

Perez claimed that they weren’t looking to spread more panic among the voters, but only to show that they are concerned.

“What we’re seeing in Colorado, we hope that doesn’t spread elsewhere,” said one DNC official. “That’s why we’re working on educating voters across the country about this. We’re not trying to incite panic, but the DNC itself is monitoring this situation and is concerned by what we’re seeing.”

President Trump still believes that he would have won the popular vote too, if illegal votes were discounted. As usual, Dems and the mainstream media have accused the president of making his claim without a proof.

Kris Kobach, Kansas State Secretary, told Breitbart News Daily that the amount of opposition to the probe is “extraordinary.”

“It’s truly extraordinary that they are trying to stop the commission from even beginning. These lawsuits are intended to stop the gathering of data and stop the meeting of the commission. It does make you think that some people out there don’t want us to see what amount of voter fraud there is,” said Kobach.

He looked into some reports of people calling off their registrations and gave a number of reasons why that could happen.

“It could be, actually, people who are not qualified to vote, perhaps someone who is a felon and is disqualified that way, or someone who is not a U.S. citizen saying, ‘I’m withdrawing my voter registration because I am not able to vote.’ It could be a political stunt – people who are trying to discredit the Commission and withdrawing temporarily because they are politically active but planning to get back on the voter rolls before the election next November,” he said.