Fox News Fans request Shep Smith to be removed from the network as soon as possible after taking things too far with Trump Jr.




Shep Smith is definitely the most anti-Trump host in Fox News. There wasn’t any major objection by the people about his anti-Trump sentiment up until recently, when he, as Fox News fans are stating, took things too far with his recent attack on Trump Jr.

As reported by Conservative101, President Trump’s son, Trump Jr., came under huge attack by the left this week after it was revealed that he had a meeting with a Russian lawyer one year ago, which reportedly benefited him with some pretty disastrous information about the then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. After learning about this, Trump Jr. reacted swiftly by uncovering his email conversation with the lawyer he had a meeting with in order to somewhat avoid the inevitable attack from the liberal NY Times.

Despite the fact that the majority concluded that Trump Jr. didn’t commit any crime with this act and that he didn’t have anything to hide, Fox News Smith tried to present it rather differently on his program.

During a discussion with AP’s reporter Julie Bykowicz regarding Trump Jr.’s emails, Smith said:

“His transparency came minutes before he had been made aware that The New York Times would be publishing the same e-mails this released, is that correct?”

Seemed like Bykowicz completely agreed with Smith on this one.

“So transparency is something that normally happens prior to learning that somebody else is about to document dump you. Normally that word wouldn’t be used in this circumstance,” Smith said. “Each change in explanation happened after the New York Times brought out more of this information. Their story changes happen every time the Times brings out more relevant information.”

Unlike reporter Bykowicz, Twitter users didn’t agree with him. Quite the contrary. The Twitter community bashed Smith and requested him to be removed from the network.