Who Bought And Paid For Senator John McCain


After this discovery it’s more than clear that John McCain doesn’t care about America’s best interests.

Angry Patriot Movement followed the money in order to find out who John McCain is actually working for.

“After doing a little digging into McCain, we found his McCain Institute, an organization with a rather suspect list of donors,” reported Angry Patriot Movement.

Among the most “generous” donors are the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the Rothschild’s, and believe it or not, the McCain Presidential Campaign.

The most conspicuous name on the list is the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Here we need to ask a simple question, why is McCain accepting money from a country directly linked to the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

Senator McCain recently grabbed some TV time during an overseas trip for the sole purpose of trashing President Trump and his foreign policy agenda.

So now, who owns John McCain? It looks like he is not only part of the swamp, but he looks to be one of it’s leaders.