Barack Obama Is Back And It’s Worse Than We Thought


We all know the famous definition of insanity said by Albert Einstein – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

This definition also fits well for the Democrat Party, as known as party of progressive socialism. The unforced errors of the Trump administration has made the dominant story of a party in disarray, the Democrats, hard to mention.

Nonetheless it’s evident that the Democraty party, owned by progressive socialists, is a car without a steering wheel on a freeway with no driver inside. So the only left choise for this party is to do what? Insanity. reported:

As former President Barack Obama basks in a post-presidency glow amplified by his polarizing successor, the 44th U.S. commander in chief is returning to the political fray.

Obama will use his considerable popularity to headline a closed-door fundraiser in Washington D.C. on Thursday for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. It’s not exactly the great political comeback some in Obama’s fractured party had hoped for, but according to chair Tom Perez, he’s looking to “build the bench” for the party by convincing donors to invest in state-level races.

The NDRC’s goal is to help redistrict areas in a way favoring Democrats’ chances of winning more electoral votes. It’s unclear how much cash Obama’s appearance will bring in but, as Perez says, “that bully pulpit still very much rests with him.”

If you want to know who is attempting to lead a shadow government to undermine President Trump, you don’t need to look any further than one Barack Obama.It’s Barry Soetoro who decided to stay right there in DC along with his “Rasputin,” Valerie Jarrett. It’s been odd to say the least to have Barry traveling (or you can easily use following instead) President Trump, and speaking with foreign leaders is dangerous, but expected insanity from a narcissistic egomaniac who cannot stay out of the limelight.

Are the Democrats actually believing that Barry Soetoro is “build the bench?” It wasunder the tenure of Barry Soetoro when the Democrats lost hundreds seats from the Federal, State Senate, House of Representatives and state House.

Let’s ask some simple questions knowing the fact that President Donald Trump is not perfect. Do any of you believe for one second that Barry Soetoro would have given a speech in Warsaw, Poland advocating for and defending Western civilization principles and values? Do you really believe Americans want to go back to the days of weakness and acquiescence and bowing?

Thank God for the Democrats that they’re facing a GOP leadership that lack the intestinal fortitude to stand and fight back in this ideological battle of will. Barry Soetoro is only reentering the “political fray” because he sees his vision, his agenda to “fundamentally transform” America is in danger.

Consider this: when it comes to healthcare in America, the desire of one Bernie Sanders and Barry Soetoro, is a single payer system. Take a moment and think of the little British boy, Charlie Gard and the fact that the government is deciding whether he can live or die.

Is this what we want for our children and grandchildren? If you are actually questioning the above, be sure that is pretty real. That does exist in Obamacare and it’s called IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board). IPAB is a group of hidden and unelected bureaucrats making all the decisions such as who gets what, and when.

And apropos of the above, Mr. Perez, how many millions of dollars did y’all blow on a 30-year-old chucklehead who didn’t even reside in the congressional district? Are you and Barry resisting the will of the American people in the last presidential election? After all it was Barry who once told us “I won, get over it.”

Do you actually really want Barry Soetoro back? The one who expand our debt from 10.67 trillion to 20 trillion? The one who released an Islamic jihadist from GITMO who killed a US Army Special Forces medic? The one who told us we could keep our doctor, our health insuranse? Barry Soetoro, the guy who unleashed the IRS against simple Americans just because they didn’t share his socialist vision. The same guy who abandoned Americans to die in a 13 hour firefight in Benghazi. The guy who said to Russia – “I will have more flexibility after my reelection” and when confronted with the sociopath Kim Jong Un advised we needed to display strategic patience. The same Barry Soetoro who commuted the sentence of a Soldier suffering from a mental condition called gender dysphoria, who gave away over 700,000 pieces of classified information.

In the world you Mr. Perez and Barry Soetoro live, Barack Obama is popular, but outside your world, here in the real one, that is just insane.

Today’s Democrat Party is the classic definition of insanity and anyone who is supporting them has the same sickness.