Iran Targets Star of David in their recent ballistic missile test – Israel Furious!


The United Nations recently obtained prove that Iran used the Star of David for missile target practice.

As Breitbart reports, the mid-range “Qiam” ballistic missile test used the symbol of the Jewish faith as a target for a launch test they performed last year in December.

This happened just few months after Iran launched two missiles bearing the words: “Israel must be wiped out.”

According to The New York Post, the U.N. Security Council took a look at the presented evidence, which was a satellite obtained photo of the target Iran used for the missiles.

The one who presented the picture to the U.N. Security Council was Ambassador Danny Danon, Israel’s permanent representative to the U.N.

“This use of the Star of David as target practice is hateful and unacceptable,” Danon said.

“This missile test not only violates Security Council resolutions but also proves beyond doubt, once again, the true intentions of Iran to target Israel.”

Ambassador Danon continued that this clearly shows the “intent of Iran to harm the State of Israel.”

He condemned Iran , explaining that “the targeting of a sacred symbol of Judaism is abhorrent.”

Iran has set its sight on Israel recently. As reported by Times of Israel, a high-ranking Iranian officials stated that the missiles Iran fired at Syria earlier in June were also a threat intended for Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the meantime, warned Iran not to take the Jewish state lightly.

“I have one message for Iran: Don’t threaten Israel,” he said after the missile launch.

It’s time for Iran to stop it’s endless quest to divide nations and to cause chaos across the globe. Not only they’ve been supportive of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, now they’ve added one more enemy on their list – Israel.

All this means that there will be more trouble in the Middle East, and Israel is in the cross-haris.