Democrats celebrating the appointing of special prosecutor Mueller but didn’t keep in mind this


Democrats simply love to brag. So they did with the appointment of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller to the Russia-2016 election case by Rod Rosenstein.

Ever since their attitude’s been like they’ve “won big time”. There were even some of the press who were suggesting that the White House should “panic” given that Mueller was quite thorough. There’s only one thing they forgot – Robert Mueller is a Republican and a Marine!

That right there is wonderful news for President Trump, given his affection for the military and the Marines particularly.

What’s more, there haven’t been any evidence about the alleged interference of President Trump with Russia.

So, to all the liberals, before you go celebrating we’ve laid out the facts in front of you to keep in mind. What they are actually doing is riling up their base before the 2018 Congress election.