Bill O’Reilly claims his firing “was a hit” – vows he won’t sit still as liberals attack him


After being fired from Fox News, Bill O’Reilly hasn’t been wasting much time.

Last Friday he appeared on his first interview with Glen Beck since his departure from the cable news due to allegations of sexual harassment.

Bill O’Reilly told Beck that he was a victim of an “organized left-wing cabal” that made use of paid protestors who were camping outside Fox News’ headquarters in New York.

“This was a hit, and in the weeks to come we’re going to be able to explain some of it,” claimed O’Reilly. “I was target No. 1, and it’s sad. It’s grossly dishonest. I did what I thought I had to do to protect my family. But those days are over. From now on, when I’m attacked, I’m going to take action — mostly legal action. But it’s not going to happen anymore to me.”

Still, Bill O’Reilly claimed that he bore no ill will against Fox News.

“It’s their prerogative. They can do whatever they want. They run the company and they own the company. So, if that’s what they felt was best for the company, I’m not going to hammer them,” he explained. “When you have organized people being paid to demonstrate outside of your headquarters and all of that, I mean, it’s intense.”

Here’s the whole interview: