KARMA: Secret Service Agent EXPOSES The SHOCKING Truth About Obama… He is Completely DESTROYED!


A recent report gives us shocking news about the Towergate matter and the whole surveillance scenario. Every new report that arrives proves more and more that there actually was illegal wiretapping.

Firstly, we have NSA whistleblower who admits that President Trump was “absolutely right” and was really put under surveillance. That right there set off many discussion across the media.

Furthermore, we have other government officials suggesting that it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that the Obama administration bid wiretap the Trump Tower. Some of them even expected this to happen.

If he thought that this will be covered once again by his administration, Obama is dead wrong. The worst is about to happen. He may very well become known as the only president in the history of the U.S. to take accountability in federal court for all the crimes he committed in his term as president – and that would tear the Democratic party apart.
Now we witness former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who gives a detailed insight into the whole surveillance case.

As reported by Western Journalism:

“If Trump is accurate, and he was being wiretapped, I sincerely doubt he walked into the FBI and said, ‘Tell me about me being wiretapped,’ Bongino said in a Facebook Live video over the weekend.

‘That’s illogical, ridiculous. He would be causing all sorts of problems for himself.

“The Secret Service does ECM sweeps, electronic countermeasures, where they go in frequently and look for listening devices, radio frequencies, all kinds of things to make sure the president or president-elect is not being, in fact, wiretapped or listened in on on specific phone lines.’”

According to Bongino, the Secret Service “may have discovered something” during a regular investigation, which then reported to Trump.

And the interesting part is yet to come. Bongino not only agrees with President Trump’s allegations, he’s even willing to release even more disturbing facts, for Obama of course, very soon, and that’s when the shit will really hit the fan.


He said: “#ObamaGate is going to blow wide open this week.”

So, what’s left now, is to just wait and see the grand premiere of Obama’s fall. With this many reports coming in about crimes Obama committed, the real question is: what crimes Obama DIDN’T commit in his 2 terms as president?