Tucker Carlson Just Got Some SHOCKING News… It Has Never HAPPENED Before!


It’s worth noting that the Tucker Carlson Tonight show has been receiving some great deal of attention since it took Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File” in its time frame at Fox News, who made a very very bad choice of leaving Fox News and pursuing money in NBC News.

Tucker Carlson has proved numerous times till now, that he has the guts to do in his night shows what others didn’t. Each show of his hosts a die-hard extreme liberal, who he boldly takes head on, and he systematically demolishes their misguided views and way of seeing things directly to their face.

Working with this tempo continuously, he finally got some rather alarming news.

As suggested by couple reports, Carlson has just achieved something for the first time, which hasn’t happened once in the cable television history.

Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News didn’t just top the scale of broadcasts on cable news, he rocked the top 10 most-watched programs in the television broadcast world, as well as the networks. What has been remembered as Tucker Carlson’s best episode ever, was aired on March 2nd. He received over 3.5 million viewers, taking him at the top of the scale of TV programs for that Thursday.

What’s even more interesting and surprising is the fact that Carlson’s show even got more views than the broadcast of NBA basketball.

He really deserves to be praised for this accomplishment, but The Hill added that President Trump also played a great role in this accomplishment, saying: “with rising interest in the political process, particularly in President Trump and his new administration, cable news programs have been challenging the broadcast news networks on a more regular basis.”