Trey JUST DID THIS To Disapprove Liberal Media And James Comey on Wiretapping SCANDAL


As this whole wiretapping incident slowly unfolds, thing’s aren’t looking good for Barack Obama and James Comey. Furthermore, all liberal and mainstream media networks are expressing their opinions and “sources” they will not reveal.

Picture the position that this puts someone like Trey Gowdy in. He is a law-abiding man and when the mainstream and liberal media disperse stories without substantial proof, he is here to question their credibility. The progressive media just throw around these statements without proper sources to confirm them.

“I think Congress is much better equipped to do investigations than journalists are,” Gowdy told host bill Hemmer. “We can’t rely on anonymous sources. We can’t rely on leaked information, classified information which in and of itself is a crime.”

“So with all due respect, to the reporters, I can’t cross-examine anonymous sources. You can’t even directly examine them. It’s a lot easier to write a news piece than it is to conduct an investigation.”

“What Congress needs is access to the witnesses, access to the documents and they need to understand we don’t run parallel, criminal investigations,” Gowdy added. “We have a job to do, but it is not to investigate crime.”

Gowdy is right on target here! He is absolutely correct. Without solid proof from the liberal media to say that this is untrue, we can’t believe their stories.

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