BOMBSHELL: Obama and Hillary Caught in MAJOR Scandal… This Means TREASON!


If there’s one thing Democrats are crafty at that is stealing and spending taxpayer dollars. There are times where the way they are stealing the taxpayer money is through plain simple theft.

You may remember the whole Israel/Obama/United Nations fiasco from last year. Obama then blatantly lied – lies which were later on exposed.

Now you can also recall all the proof and evidence that connects the corrupt Clinton family to a variety of misappropriated funds, including ties with Russia.

Both of these issues include crooked politicians receiving and spending money in many illegal ways. Now, a major new controversy has erupted around Hillary Clinton and the former president Barack Obama:

These two have misused the taxpayer dollars for a lot of purposes. This involves undermining Benjamin Netanyahu, which is alone evidence of the animosity Democrats have towards Israel.

Ultimately, Obama’s Department of State gave One Voice around $350,000, money used to stand up to Netanyahu’s election in Israel. Here’s what the New York Post reported:

“US taxpayer funds intended to aid peace efforts between Israelis and Palestinians ended up aiding a campaign to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a Senate report released Tuesday.”

On top of that, there’s irrefutable evidence that taxpayer dollars were utilized to boost the causes of both Obama and Hillary which is alone enough to fill every U.S. citizen with bitterness and ire.

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