WH Leaker Announced – Trump EXPOSES Traitor on National TV – This is INSANE


While Donald Trump proceeds wth his plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, strengthen the borders, deport undocumented aliens, and many other problems, he also has to deal with rioters bent on disrupting and weakening every part of his agenda.

There’s an insidious alliance between the liberal media and rioters that all of a sudden started to oppose Donald Trump’s presidential triumph. To see a nicely-organized group of people riot on the streets of Washington, and many other places could only mean that there’s another factor, some puppet master who’s pulling the strings.

People gather for the Women’s March in Washington U.S., January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

There has been some deliberation by Trump that former president Obama could be the one standing behind the riots. Not just that, there’s also speculation that Obama has depended on information leaked by informants in Trump’s cabinet who are still loyal to Obama and his ideology.

During an interview with Fox & Friends from early on Tuesday, President Trump accused Obama of riots against him and other Republicans: “I think President Obama’s behind it, because his people are certainly behind it.”

It was asked of Donald Trump whether or not he believed Obama was to blame for the town hall demonstrations against Republicans this month: “It turns out his organization seems to do a lot of these organizing to some of the protests that these Republicans are seeing around the country against you. Do you believe President Obama is behind it and if he is, is that a violation of the so-called unsaid presidents’ code?”

“No, I think he is behind it, because his people are certainly behind it. I also think it is politics, that’s the way it is,” the president responded.

Check out the video from the interview below:

The President talked about the leaks that have interrupted his first month in office: “You never know what’s exactly happening behind the scenes. You know, you’re probably right or possibly right, but you never know. No, I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it. And some of the leaks possibly come from that group, which are really serious because they are very bad in terms of national security. But I also understand that is politics. In terms of him being behind things, that’s politics. And it will probably continue.”