These Countries Have Already Built Walls On Their Borders


Sixty-five countries worldwide are in the process of building or have already built border walls, while American progressives persistently oppose President Trump’s attempts to increase the effectiveness of U.S. efforts to block illegal immigration. Trump thinks that immigrants should enter this country legally and failure to acknowledge this allows easy access for criminals, gangs, and drugs.

Undocumented, illegal immigrants do not have the right to sneak into the U.S., and stronger security can be accomplished through a U.S./Mexico border wall. Liberals think these beliefs are racist and threaten the value system of American citizens.

In the meantime, 65 other countries have taken similar actions to reinforce border security.

In July [2015], Hungary’s right-wing government began constructing a four-metre-high (13 feet) fence along its southern border with Serbia to stanch the outpour of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Daily Mail reported.

‘We have only recently taken down walls in Europe; we should not be putting them up,’ responded one EU spokesperson.

Three other countries – Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – are all building border fences in a bid to keep jihadist organizations at bay next door in Somalia, Iraq, and Syria. Seven miles of fence have already been built along the border at Reyhanli town in Hatay province.

The barrier in Turkey will stretch for 28 miles along a key stretch of its border with Syria. However, the Turkish wall is nothing compared to the multi-layered fence which will one day stretch 600 miles from Jordan to Kuwait along Saudi’s border with Iraq – a line of defense against the Islamic State.

Many are concerned with the effectiveness of such walls. If border security fences offer more protection than actual security, what new measures can help?

Portions of the U.S./Mexico border already have a railing, yet it hasn’t stopped the flow of drugs. Nowadays, there are 65 countries with walls or fences securing their borders, according to Quebec University analyst Elisabeth Vallet.

Here’s what the Daily Mail reported:

“From Israel’s separation barrier (or ‘apartheid wall’ as it is known by the Palestinians) to the 2,500-mile barbed-wire fence India is building around Bangladesh, to the enormous sand ‘berm’ that separates Morocco from rebel-held parts of the Western Sahara – walls and fences are ever-more popular with politicians wanting to look tough on migration and security. ”

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