WikiLeaks Redirects Focus To Benghazi… Hillary Found Herself To Be Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire


Hillary has given us so many reasons NOT to vote for her. Her campaign was supposed to collect more votes, but she isn’t getting any votes at all. Who would vote for a lying criminal? Not me, of course. Hillary Clinton always defended her interests. She never care about our country. This was confirmed at the point when she put the national security at risk, or the private server, if you prefer it better.

Thanks to foreign governments, we know the truth about the Democratic nominee. Actually, we know much more than we could ever handle. Swallowing a treason is not the easiest thing to do. Or Benghazi.

However, the Benghazi fiasco was more significant when we take into account that four U.S. citizens were killed in cold blood due to Hillary’s negligence.

Hillary could’ve sent additional help and the four citizens could be still alive today, but, on top of that, she even overlooked the numerous requests to increase the security in Benghazi.


Hillary was warned at least eight times about the potential threat in Benghazi and was asked for help which she ignored. The U.S. citizens there were left unprotected. What more proof do you need that Hillary is incompetent, unreliable, and unfit for highest office?


Now we know that Hillary was far too preoccupied to waste time in protecting Ambassador Stevens. Basically, more than 600 requests did not reach her desk while many reports from her associates did.

Apparently, she was wide aware of what was happening and either decided not to take action or was too incompetent to do something about it.