Voters Revolt: FBI’s Reopened Criminal Investigation Has Voters Doing Something Unprecedented


In the many years of political correspondence, we’ve not once heard about something similar that has happened. Hillary’s investigation about the use of an illegal and unsecured personal email server has been reopened by the FBI, and early voters are basically returning to the polls to vote again.

By now, half of the U.S. citizens know that Hillary is a compulsive criminal and liar, and the other half know it but try to forget this fact regardless. Perhaps the only reason she is still at large is because the intelligence agencies in this nation are not doing their work properly and eminent politicians are not bold enough to indict her.

Just days before the election Clinton and those who follow her are hypocritical enough to say that the citizens need to know the facts yet they seem to do quite the contrary to what they are claiming. Hillary is an intrinsic liar and criminal, and a morally depraved politician, and, worst of all, person


Here’s what Politico summarizes the damning the FBI announcement has been to Hillary’s campaign:

Dashed are the hopes that the campaign could come to a conclusion on a high note, instilling in Americans a feeling that casting a history-making vote for Clinton is something more than merely a repudiation of Donald Trump.

Instead, Clinton is finding herself once again burdened by the twin scandals that have hung over her campaign since before she had a campaign — and devastating her image as an honest and trustworthy leader, even as she tried to make the case that she is the most experienced modern-day candidate for president, and the only option in the race who is responsible enough to handle the nuclear codes.

If Hillary is elected, she will infest and plague the Oval Office with her numerous scandals. AndrewMcCarthy and Mark Levin said that charges against Hillary must begin right away.

In the meantime, according to his campaign manager, fundraising is off the charts for Trump. The Trump camp is jubilant and overjoyed. This investigation is just in the nick of time.