Hillary Holds Press Conference on FBI Reopening Investigation, Immediately Gets Caught in Huge Lie

Have you heard about the FBI’s decision to once again investigate Hillary’s private email use? Well, Hillary did and she must be shaking her pants by now. However, she cannot be that upset since she has gotten away with crimes before and it is likely that she will get away with this too. Nevertheless, this will permanently change the public’s opinion of her.

One way or another, Hillary will feel the repercussions of her crimes and now she even claims that she is not concerned what people think since “she never did anything.”

Just like her infamous husband, Hillary too is a compulsive liar.

At a press conference today regarding the FBI’s decision to reopen the investigation, here’s what Hillary did, and it’s not hard to guess, too.

Hillary asserts that only Republicans were sent a letter by FBI Director James Comey, which, naturally, is a shameless lie.

Hillary Clinton calls on FBI to release “all the information it has” on newly discovered emails: “Let’s get it out” https://t.co/XXh9cCPr56

— CNN (@CNN) October 28, 2016


It is interesting how Hillary wants transparency from the FBI. Could this be Hillary’s plan to turn the reopened case in a “vast right-wing conspiracy?”


With election night just around the corner, it’s high time for us to show Hillary that she’ll never in a million years enjoy the support of the “deplorables”, and, as she herself said, that is the majority of citizens in the U.S.