Gov. Nikki Haley Just Made Incredible Election Announcement – ‘There Is No Longer A Choice’


Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina has declared that she will vote for Trump in the general election, even though she has never really had similar views or beliefs with Republicans.

“This election has turned my stomach upside-down,” said Haley on Friday. “It’s been embarrassing for both parties, it’s not something the country deserves, but it’s what we got.”

“Having said that, this is no longer a choice for me on personalities, because I’m not a fan of either one,” she went on.

“What it is about is policy. … When I look at all of those, I come back to say that the best person based on the policies, and dealing with things like Obamacare, still is Donald Trump,” added Haley.

As part of her reasoning, Nikki mentioned the need to restrict harsh regulations, limit government bureaucracies and appoint experienced and prudent Supreme Court justices who will fight for the people’s rights.

“That doesn’t mean it’s an easy vote, but it does mean that I’m watching out for the people of South Carolina and I’m watching out for the people of this country and that’s who I will be voting for,” she finished.

Even though Haley’s statement comes at the very end of the election season, the governor’s timing appears to overlap with several other high-profile Republicans, all of whom have publicly shown some level of disagreement to Trump.

One such person is House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, who said on Wednesday that even though he does not endorse Trump, he would be voting for him anyway.

Chaffetz had initially endorsed the Republican nominee but then withdraw his endorsement with the release of the 2005 tape where Trump makes inappropriate comments about women.

Even though almost 50 Republicans took back their endorsement of Trump in the wake of that controversy, most have come back in support of their party’s candidate.